Maiko/Geiko be pleased existed for the reason that Edo length about 300 years ago. At the present then again, americans lived with candles and paper lanterns, and it changed into as soon as noteworthy darker at evening than now.

So when maiko/geiko lightened up parties at evening with their performances of dances and song, their faces would peek
very darkish and dejected. In recount to blueprint their faces peek more handsome and shimmering even within the useless of evening, and to carry the shadows of their expressions, they painted their faces white.

Today we finally be pleased electric lights, nonetheless the parties with maiko/geiko at evening generally composed exhaust candles/paper lanterns admire the previous on motive. Since candle mild is consistently flickering, it has a stress-free attain
on our minds and can make a magical atmosphere. To make a various world, some areas composed proceed the favorite manner of holding the parties.

Even if we exclude these reasons, the white make-up is a symbol for maiko and geiko even as of late.

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