Some other vloggg šŸ™‚ getting my hair carried out + my fleshy hair care routine/accepted products, attempting a brand fresh self tanner & pack with me for a weekend outing.

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Hair Care Routine:
Rochelleā€™s insta: />
Shampoo and conditioner situation (smell is insane):
Purple Shampoo:
Silk scrunchies:
Drybar brush:
Dry shampoo:
Dry shampoo 2:
Hair spray:
Lunge away in conditioner:
Wet hair warmth protectant:
Dry hair warmth protectant:
Hurt repair serum:
Moroccan Oil:

Self tanner:
St. Tropez 1 hour:
St. Tropez face tanner:
Tan Remover:
Tanning Mitt:

Pack with me:
Revolve button up quilt up:
Revolve costume quilt up:
Revolve blazer:

*One of the well-known hyperlinks above are affiliate hyperlinks which permits me to carry out a shrimp price but doesnā€™t label you anything

Thanks so powerful for watching!!! Xo

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