Hi there winsome, 😍
Here’s a video where i get done indian engagement/roka make-up with hairstyling.
Hope you be pleased observing it.

Some guidelines & tricks that i like to portion –
Makeup ~
β€’ Mixing is must for any gaze make-up
β€’ Rose gold oil for the glow
β€’ Give some gap around 15-20 minutes between primer and basis
β€’ I love to exercise basis with blender/sponge than brush
β€’ Observe cream blush first then overlap it with powder blush
β€’ Baking beneath the eyes is terribly valuable to avaoid crease
β€’First Liner then lipstick for the prolonged lasting invent
β€’ Utility of glitter
β€’ Utilize any setting spray after finishing the make-up
Hairstyling ~
β€’ Crimping is must in case you love to pray to give factual volume to the hairstyle
β€’ Acc. to me Iron curls are more stable than any a kind of curls
β€’ Utilize U pins to create a 3D survey to the front variation of hairdo
So these were some guidelines and tricks for both make-up and hairstyling.

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