Hello peachies🍑 Whilst you is more doubtless to be indifferent struggling to receive the very top dramatic winged eyeliner gaze, you then will hold got clicked into the acceptable video. In this video, we hold now this beauty blogger from China, named Xing Ge to video show her pro pointers achieve her appears to be like. Now we hold attach in more than just a few effort in adding English whisper over to imply you might be in a order to guys understand greater☺ pls revel in!!!

Edit: we apologise if there’s any mistake within the interpretation nonetheless we’re making an are trying our easiest🥺 enact leave your comments below if there’s any correction that u love to invent🙂 we hope the message of the video will doubtless be accurately conveyed and ppl can understand them greater!

Video credit rating to: @叫我邢哥 in XiaoHongShu

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