I combined the High 10 make-up tutorial movies of 2018 into one single take a look at and this came about! I dug spherical and learned the High 10 most viewed make-up tutorials and sweetness movies of this year, and combined them all into one enormous make-up tutorial for a fleshy face of make-up! Due to why not lol!

What was as soon as your popular make-up video of the year? Aspect cloak: I chose these essentially based fully fully off plenty of components, as seeing the absolute most viewed tutorials easiest is tricky!

Seek the most contemporary:
I TRIED DIY Christmas Gifts (ROAST): a look at?v=EwoBPUvs2is

Turning Myself Into Every Overdone Makeup Tutorial:
a look at?v=GoMHme3I0vY

I Can not Withhold This Secret:
a look at?v=nsgT1TDVKSw

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Makeup Tutorials featured:
Antonio Garza:
a look at?v=9MMxk68P8nQ
a look at?v=nrMJkAO2ShA
a look at?v=vE-uOJ5BB50
James Charles:
a look at?v=3uk6rKXbG1M
Kylie Jenner:
a look at?v=vCJ6U7mQmYw
Jeffree Star:
a look at?v=XOyXN9SgTl4
a look at?v=KONe4SNFA64
Troom Troom:
a look at?v=tM-5hUMkXFU
Basis: …

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