this used to be a genuinely highly requested video!!! im at final sharing with you guys your entire technique of my work on instagram and tiktok. thank you guys for supporting me and loving my tutorials! hope you revel in!

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hello! im vanessa aka cutcreaser. im 21 300 and sixty five days outdated salvadorian 🇸🇻woman born, raised and based in novel york! im a big geek about issues bask in marvel and star wars. i enact makeup on myself as a perform of therapy to alleviate my fright and as a perform of art to simply train myself and what i’ve going on in my head.

EDITING: i utilize final minimize sufficient x
CAMERA: Canon 77D (shoutout @jaydin_lopez)

COLOURPOP: “5cutcreaser” for $$ off
SIGMA: utilize “cutcreaser” for $$ off

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