Hello guys I’m right here with a relaxing makeup tutorial with a whole bunch chit chat it be all about frigid weather Makeup stare that you’re going to achieve with very easy steps so discontinue tuned for such relaxing movies and operate subscribe to my channel

Products Breakdown:

Dr. Rashel 24k Gold Fixit hydrating Spray
Trot over Rose Foundation Colour Ivory
Trot over Rose Describe Enact Primer
Trot over Loose Powder Colour 10
Trot over Rose Eyebrow Gel Colour 02
Morphe 35O Eyeshadow palette
Maybelline Clossal Kajal
Tv Parlour Eyelashes no 21
St. London Eyelash Glue
Trot over Rose Blush and Contour Pallette
Flormor Lip Liner no 10
Clazona Liquid Lipstick shade 504
Trot over Rose Liquid Lipstick shade Nude


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