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I’m overjoyed to share my expertise with Strands Hair Care, and my customized Shampoo and Conditioner they formulated for me! Although not sponsored, Strands requested that I’d originate to making an strive their realizing, and for sure used to be overjoyed to enact so! Right here’s what I’ve been washing my hair weekly with, and the outcomes you seen from my are living chat and Shiseido Powder evaluate are from the utilize of these merchandise in my newest wash n’ mosey!

Let me know when you will fetch any questions, and in poor health be as instructed as I will in answering them!

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Fetch started with Strands right here!

How enact I know Strands? [0:26]
How enact you originate? Check Equipment [1:23]
Hair Diagnosis Booklet [4:02]
What’s the variation between quite a few customized kits? [5:30]
What’s my customized shampoo? [6:23]
What’s in my customized conditioner? [7:40]
Shampoo Demo [10:15]
Conditioner Demo [11:35]
On camera 2nd Day Refresh [14:48]

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Nordstrom (N)
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