My daughter is for the time being a 19 month ragged toddler with multitextured hair 3C, 3B and 3A high porosity hair.

I gift how I care and magnificence her hair day to day the hiss of Shea Moisture merchandise, Argan oil and msm powder mixture which is rising her hair fleet.

My daughter dislikes having her hair completed and is intensely fussy throughout any make of manipulation of her hair. I know many fogeys can expose!


Sending cyber hugs and we hope you all revel in! 💋

Song manufacturing
My dearest husband Designate 💖
Intro/Outro tune: The gloomy dog
Video contents songs: Absolute Creature

About us and answers to frequent questions:

We are an interracial blended household living within the UK. My husband is English/ Irish Caucasian and I am of Nigerian first rate born and raised in London. I basically vlog for my household who manufacture no longer are living inside of reach. I  relish 1 biracial/ mixed creep daughter named Lana Could perchance and a step daughter named Laila. We are by some distance no Patrica Shining, Jamie and Nikki, Gabe and Babe tv, my children and I or Bailey Living. We are correct a median household enjoying our lives and rising our intellectual household.

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