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On this video I am sharing Snug Purple Carve Crease observe make-up tutorial. When you expertise this video then please subscribe fragment admire observation.

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Lenses :

I am wearing Grey Lens from Occasion brand.



Most efficient All in One brushes to are attempting :

PAC Discover about Squad Series – 15 Brushes :  page.link/dFHeKLAVFL9tPHLD6

Sigma Elegance 7 Long-established Discover about Brush Plan :  page.link/bkHYnrodbSizL3f86

PAC Discover about Series Brush Plan (8 Brushes) :  page.link/asjhsL121PCBvYZh6

Single Brush Link :

Sigma Elegance Refined Crease Brush – E38 :  page.link/AN8B4n82FFA4eDUY8

Sigma Elegance Discover about Shading Brush – E55 :  page.link/j2cuV8g2DsNei1bj9

Sigma Elegance Minute Angle Brush – E65 :  page.link/r8XP7R4StUJF26HG9

Sigma Elegance Discover about Liner Brush – E05 :  page.link/YQeu43cZTjJuc6Kr5

Sigma Elegance Medium Angled Shading Brush – E70 :   page.link/FLRwmEBYGsN6pSyV9

Sigma Elegance Tapered Mixing Brush – E40 :  page.link/bC9iAU3dCH1vbqzt6

Sigma Elegance 3DHD Blender – Dark :  page.link/FFLYV67a3y1U4fmx6

Educated Arte Dab-On Concealer Brush (PF01) :  page.link/fDNZiKR5wdXjagST7

Make-up :


  PAC Make a selection Quilt Concealer – 09 Classic Beige : 



Make-up Revolution With out terminate Flawless Utopia Eyeshadow Palette:  page.link/tEjcBmHrEvgnFfeZA

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