Simple yet luminous purple makeup gape that will seemingly be paired with any western or jap outfit.

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Song by @reggiesanmiguel – Picks. by scheme of @hellothematic

Product Description:

___E Y E S___

1. Foreheadpencil – Jordana Eyeliner 05

2. Eyeshadow inferior- LA Lady Expert Longwear Concealer – gentle ivory

Three. Eyeshadow Palette- Focallure Proceed Lumber “Tokyo” palette

four. Eyeliner- Mistine Maxi Gloomy Pen Liner

5. Mascara- Golden Rose Maxim Eyes Mascara

6. Lens- Korean Lens- Jazzy D. Inexperienced
( I introduced it for my fragment from Thailand )

7. Lash- Sixteen Pair Lash box- Glamour

eight. Lash Glue- 1000 Hour Eyelash adhesive

____ F A C E ____

1. Primer – Maybelline Master Prime

2. Foundation – Maybelline SuperStay Foundation 128 + Infalliable Expert Glow Foundation 205

Three. Concealer – LA. Lady Expert Longwear Concealer – gentle ivory

four. Powder – Maybelline Fit Me Powder 220

5. Bronzer/Contour – The Balm Bahama mama

6. Blush – Mistine Alice Colour Puff 01

7. Highlighter – Make-up Revolution Expert HD- Brighter Than Your Future

eight. Atmosphere Spray – Make-up Revolution Hyaluronic spray

____ L I P S _____

1. Nior Jumbo Lipstick no.Eleven

2. Restful …

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