RAINBOW Make-up Tutorial 🌈✨ | Barbie Vlogs

RAINBOW Make-up Tutorial 🌈✨ | Barbie Vlogs

I LOVE rainbows! They’re so magical, honest? So…I’m sharing a rainbow makeup tutorial on the vlog this day! Also – take a look at out my rainbow seashore waves. Barely cool, honest? Skip helped with the color. Command me what your rainbow makeup looks as if and let me know which look you are making an are attempting! PACE! #Barbie #BarbieVlogs #PACE

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Howdy all people! Approach succor every other Friday to envision out my vlogs! I share facts about my life, my inspirations and my favourite things! I furthermore like to trace silly challenges with all of my pals and my sisters. I’m hoping these vlogs encourage you to be the rest you is also looking to be. Be conscious… Particular Attitude Changes All the pieces.

P.A.C.E! ✌

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For over sixty one years, Barbie has led ladies on a route to self-discovery and helped them to mediate the potentialities. After over A hundred and eighty inspirational careers, Barbie—alongside with her pals and family—continues to encourage and assist the subsequent generation of girls that they would perchance be the rest.

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