My up to date curly hair routine for wintry weather + suggestions for volume, moisture, and most importantly, conserving my curls from the chilly weather! It is SO crucial to swap up your curly hair styling for wintry weather and autumn/drop! The chilly weather would possibly maybe cause breakage, dryness and overall hair injure, so I’m conserving my curls with the total simplest products and ways! Please esteem and subscribe!

The Curl Company Products on Amazon: />
Those I worn are:
– Sulfate Free Shampoo
– Sulfate Free Conditioner
– Deep Conditioning Curl Camouflage
– Lag away-in Conditioner
– Foaming Mousse
– Moisture & Account for Curl Jelly
– Silicone Free Moringa Styling Oil

This video is subsidized by The Curl Company 🙂

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