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So how did Maire Antoinette and all her besties take hold of care of their hair at some stage in the 18th century? How did folks address their hair clear in the 1700s? How had been they in a position to contrivance such monumental, now not easy hairstyles? How can *you* recreate Marie Antoinette’s hairstyles these days?

hint: it wasn’t wigs. (when you’re typing that in the feedback staunch…shhhhhhh 🤫)

18th-century hair care and hair hygiene changed into founded on the basis of dry washing and conditioning the usage of hair pomade and hair powder (usually a deep conditioner with a dry shampoo applied over the high of it). Now not simplest would hair pomade and powder address the hair smelling and feeling light, however they had been furthermore used to bear those now not easy hairstyles that we so on the total affiliate with the 18th century.

So on this video, we will initiating, what’s going to, certainly, be a prolonged rambling series on 18th-century hair care, with making hair pomatum and hair powder the usage of historical recipes.

For reference listed below are the ratios I used for the final pomatum recipe:

14 ozLamb Tallow (
Four ozPork Lard or Leaf Lard (
As mighty crucial oil as I, or, you, desire …

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