Episode 2 of my series “Make-up Guidelines & Solutions” is the entire fundamentals or no longer it’s famous to be taught about eyeshadow. Glimpse till the live and let me know if this was once pleasant 😉

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I am an Egyptian lady. Self taught. Make-up is my ardour. I am the truth is NOT a licensed make-up artist. I just fancy make-up and magnificence merchandise.
Here on my channel you can procure valid reviews and suggestions of make-up and magnificence merchandise. Also, you can procure some guidelines and solutions of the estimable diagram to educate make-up and the estimable diagram to type it discontinue in field all day. I’m also a skincare freak. I am an oily skin type so that will seemingly be my significant point of curiosity.
I am very commence to any suggestions or ideas you guys would grab to lay on me.

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