I Tried Following a Genuine Edwardian Hair Care Routine

I Tried Following a Genuine Edwardian Hair Care Routine

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Routine adapted from: print/b28054520/web converse/154/mode/2up

Pg. 149 for the parting draw;
Pgs. 154 – 157 for the easy pompadour trend
Pg. 162 for more info on misleading hair switches – ‘hair combings of the patron are to be most well liked as being basically the most hygienic.’
Pg. 174 for hair rats – ‘Hair rolls are many times identified as ”rats.” They are fabricated from all forms of field topic , akin to moss, vegetable fibre, horse hair, wire, crepe, fibre, and lastly of pure hair.’

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“What Could well Bask in Been” by Francis Wells, epidemicsound.com
“I Bask in a View, Mr Norton” by Arthur Benson, epidemicsound.com
Marty Gots a View Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed beneath Inventive Commons: By Attribution three.zero License

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