I Ruined My Face, Gorgeous Privilege, Insecurities | Makeup & Mindset

I Ruined My Face, Gorgeous Privilege, Insecurities | Makeup & Mindset

Hiya Mates!!!
For todays makeup and mindset I wanna focus on my ride with fillers, pretty privilege and my insecurities about getting older! I’ve been skittish to explain about this for awhile, but I idea it used to be the biggest conversation to have for anybody who could well well per chance be pondering! I’m also the exercise of all cheap/drugstore makeup to do this glance, Ive listed the products below!

Let me know down below what your thoughts are! I LOVE YOU!!! XX Cyd

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Sad Radiance Gaze Unfavorable – Bare Gaze
Moist N Wild Eyeshadow Trio – Jade
Dauntless Face Makeup Lashes
Sad Radiance Basis Stick – Cashmere, Espresso
Sad Radiance Soft Focal point Powder – Creamy Bronze Elevate out
LA Lady Contour Powder – Deep
Nyx Highlight – Synthetica
LA Lady Strobe Powder – 04 Watt
LA Lady Blush – Genuine Luxuriate in
LA Lady Lip Pencil – Chocolate


↣ Camera – Lumix GH4
↣ Editing – Final Lower Legit X

↣ Are your eyes true?
Sure, they’re naturally blue, with brown spots.

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