Each and every stout lady desires to leer slim and we are obvious all of you’re seeking to form your cheeks leer thinner in photos. This make-up trick is going to enable you to leer amazing in photos and valid-life too. Right here Karthika Shyam explains How to fabricate contouring in a preferrred way to attain a slimmer face by the usage of the marvelous products. #Makeuptricks #Contouringtips #Makeuptips

00:28 Skin preparation -moisturizer
00:39 Concealer
00:49 Liquid Basis – Pointers
01:18 Translucent Powder
01:36 Scrutinize shadow
01:54 Smokey Scrutinize
02:15 Most sharp way to fabricate Contouring
02:50 The place to follow?
03:forty two Mixing way
04:32 Don’t Notice blush – Why?

Inform Swag is a channel devoted to fashion and life-style covering a vary of subjects corresponding to pure skincare, haircare, and styling, successfully being and charm guidelines, all in the Tamil language.

Camera: Hariharan | Edit: Shreeraj | Producer: Priyanka

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