[Check below for the full list of products used]

Doing all your makeup admire a ample makeup artist shouldn’t (and is rarely always!) as no longer easy because it looks. Watch our PRO Make-up Artist Marc Reagan lift you step-by-step thru a rotund face of natural, flawless makeup. Marc is sharing all his systems and methods, from what skincare to purchase for presumably the most easy basis application to where to coach blush and highlighter for an instantaneous face lift.

– Hydrating Face Tonic: />
– Intensive Pores and skin Supplement: />
– Hydrating Look Cream: />
– Nutrition Enriched Face Unhealthy: />
– Lip Balm SPF 15:

– Concealer Blending Brush: />
– Corrector in Light Bisque: />
– Creamy Concealer Bundle in Beige: />
– Pores and skin Lengthy-Place on Weightless Foundation SPF 15 in Beige: />
– Foundation Brush: />
– Pores and skin Foundation Stick in Beige: />
– Stout Protection Touch Up Brush:

– Sheer Invent Pressed Powder in Pale Yellow: />
– Look Blender Brush: />
– Powder Brush:

– Bronzing Powder in Golden Light: />
– Bronzer Brush: />
– Blush in Pale Red: />
– Blush Brush:

– Luxe Lip Color in Red Sand: />
– Lip Brush: />
– Lip Pencil in Ballet …

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