Hair Care Day Aur Kuch Baatein😌

Hair Care Day Aur Kuch Baatein😌

Hair Conceal substances:
•~ Three tablespoons aloe Vera (which that you just would possibly perchance presumably expend the extract from moreover but before using it achieve the segment which that you just would possibly perchance have lower for 1 hour so as that the yellow rubber extract can lunge away)
•~ 2 tablespoons of honey
•~ 1.5 tablespoons of ashawangha powder (citing the link to design shut it below)
•~ half of ripped banana
•~ 1 cup hung curd
Alter all substances accordingly to provide a thick consistency
(Bag obvious there shouldn’t be any lumps because that can spoil your hair while washing it)
Put together it in all you roots to bottom

*Rinse after 30-40mins*

Hyperlink for ahwagandha powder:

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With fancy❤
pratiksha singh (diva)

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