Golden Goddess Makeup Tutorial using ALL my Holy Grail MAC Merchandise!

Golden Goddess Makeup Tutorial using ALL my Holy Grail MAC Merchandise!

Thanks to MAC for sponsoring this video! Click to store the Fancy Me Lipsticks:

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Alright guys so this present day’s video is on this golden goddess make-up tutorial using all my holy grail MAC Merchandise!! You guys know I’ve persistently been such a enormous fan of MAC Cosmetics so as soon as they requested if I would decide to parter with them on this video I surely stated YESSSS lol I act adore right here’s my engagement 😂 Nevertheless in point of fact so honored to be working with them on the open of their Fancy Me Lipstick series! and one of the best section is that probabilities are you’ll well in point of fact be succesful to recall a witness at the shades one with me!!! Here’s one amongst the first times ever that this skills will seemingly be aged but all you need to enact is be obvious you are looking at this video on the mobile app and turn your machine vertically so that you just would maybe gape the “Strive it On” button and we can virtually are attempting the series on together!!! So frigid honest real?! On prime of using the unusual lip series I will be …

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