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In this video I am sharing a Blue glitter lower crease witness make-up tutorial. Whilst you happen to like this video then please subscribe portion take care of comment.

Lenses :
I am carrying Aqua Blue Prescription Lens from the Aryan impress.

My Haul Store Hyperlink :


Easiest All in One brushes to select a put a matter to at :

Sigma Class 7 Traditional Leer Brush Role : page.hyperlink/FjPFg2gMUizQeMFy6
PAC Leer Series Brush Role (eight Brushes) : page.hyperlink/tXtCirLe69GHMRhp7
BESTOPE 20 PCs Makeup Brushes Top class Synthetic Contour Concealers Foundation Powder Leer Shadows Makeup Brushes with Champagne Gold Conical Tackle : />
DUCARE Eyeshadow Brush Role 15 Pcs Righteous Leer Brush Role Eyeshadow, Eyebrow, Blending, Fan, Eyelash Manufacture Up Brushes Halloween Makeup, Gloomy, Silver : />
DUCARE Makeup Eyeshadow Eyebrow Blending Cosmetics Brushes Role Of 6 Objects : >

Single Brush Hyperlink :

Sigma Class Refined Crease Brush – E38 : page.hyperlink/X4GYnMtP27XFbjp49
Sigma Class Leer Shading Brush – E55 : page.hyperlink/UcmH9asc2dGXg67UA
Sigma Class Little Angle Brush – E65 : page.hyperlink/4DdCGdGiR4FUxYz68
Sigma Class Leer Liner Brush – E05 : page.hyperlink/XviNG3zeFjUY7UsK6
Sigma Class Medium Angled Shading Brush – E70 : page.hyperlink/BBhyohTbxkLV1k88A
Sigma Class Tapered Blending Brush – E40 : page.hyperlink/x8WF2AziHBaS2cjt8
Sigma Class 3DHD Blender – Gloomy : page.hyperlink/NhuVnQQ5hGVjXrCn9
Pro …

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