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zero:00 intro
zero:13 hair enhance cycle stages
1:20 shampoo #1
1:31 rosemary oil
Three:02 peppermint oil
Four:05 scalp health
Four:31 silicones
5:31 sulfate free
5:fifty seven shampoo #1 pleasant mentions
6:50 shampoo #2
7:00 aloe vera
7:18 menthol / peppermint oil
7:39 sulfate free / silicone free
7:48 lather
Eight:20 importance of smartly-organized scalp
Eight:46 hair washing memoir
9:18 shampoo #Three
10:46 cleans / lather
11:02 enormous for vivid hair
11:32 silicones
11:fifty four shampoos #Four
12:35 sles
12:50 dimethicone
14:27 shampoo #5
14:forty four dimethicone
15:05 hair care stir realization
sixteen:08 clarifying shampoos
sixteen:12 shampoo #6
sixteen:forty two shampoo #7
17:26 shampoo #Eight
18:15 conclusion


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