Hii! In this video I am giving y’all some newbie pointers to beef up your dangle parts with makeup so which that it’s doubtless you’ll moreover review love ‘you but higher’! Hope ya’ll abilities!
Glossier Forehead Flick & Boy Forehead: />

Products Mentioned:
Neutrogena hydroboost serum- />
Neutrogena hydroboost gel- />
Clinique all about eyes />
Laneige lip veil />
Contemporary lip treatment />
Fenty Primer />
Garnier Micellar Water />
Fenty Hydrating Foundation />
NYX Filler intuition- besos />
Fenty Elegance Eaze Drop 19 />
Fenty Elegance Concealer />
Fenty Elegance Cheeks out Bronzer- Chocolate />
Fenty Elegance Cheeks out Blush- Strawberry drip />
Covergirl Powder 100 fifteen />
Fenty Elegance Bronzer- Caramel Cutie />
Neutrogena lash serum />
Fenty Elegance Pencil Eyeliner- chocolate matte />
Fenty Elegance Liquid Liner dim />
Neutrogena Hydroboost Mascara />
Fenty Killowat Highlighter- point out money/hustla small one lip oil
Colourpop so juicy lip gloss- stuntin >

*One of the hyperlinks listed above are affiliate hyperlinks, which manner I place a tiny commission off of them so I will spend constructing dispute for y’all! It would now not develop the worth of any item it’s doubtless you’ll per chance well appropriate model be supporting me while you occur to evaluate to use it, thank you guys!

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