Howdy guys, here’s a undercover agent I recently created the exhaust of only excessive pause makeup. Hope you all treasure it. Guarantee that you subscribe as correctly.

Products talked about in the video

1. Nuxe rose firming water:

2. Wishful thirst entice juice:

three. Bobbi Brown weight reduction plot enriched face gross: reduction plot-enriched-face-gross-config/p/294787?productId=294787&pps=6&skuId=889715

four. Nuxe Primer:

5. Fenty class foundation

6. Morphe luminous environment spray:

7. Nars concealer in ginger

eight. Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless compact:

9. Charlotte Tilbury contour wand: six&skuId=959712

10. Morphe eyeshadow palette:

11. MAC Kajal liner:

12. Huda Beauty mercury retrograde palette:

Thirteen. Earnings they’re real magnet mascara:

14. Glossier blush in storm

25. MAC lip liner in spice:

Beefy Face Using Excessive Discontinue Makeup | Colored Eyeliner | Somya Gupta

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