ASMR Particular Hair Remedy for Damaged Hair🌻 handmade hair pack

ASMR Particular Hair Remedy for Damaged Hair🌻 handmade hair pack

*This video is NOT SPONSORED.
Hi there, Loves. It’s myaling 😀
On this video, for of us which would be unnerved about damaged hair by dyeing and perm,
I’m going to give you a diversified hair care that restore dry and damaged hair to wholesome hair.
The video changed into once soundless of a handmade hair pack and gentle hair sound.
I hope this video shall be of any exercise to you.
Then thanks to your effort on the present time, and sweet desires~
(I’ll add a video that is expounded to Hanbok subsequent time. I need a whereas to shine up my ideas.)

*광고 영상 아닙니다.
안녕하세요, 사랑스러운 분들. 먀링입니다.
이번 영상에선, 염색과 펌 시술로 인해 모발이 많이 상한 분들을 위해서
손상모를 건강한 머릿결로 복구시키는 특별한 모발 관리를 해드리려고 해요.
홈메이드 헤어팩과 부드러운 소리들로 영상을 구성해봤는데, 조금이라도 도움이 되었음 좋겠어요.
그럼 오늘 하루도 수고하셨고, 좋은 꿈 꾸세요~
(한복과 관련된 영상은 다음에 업로드할 게요. 아이디어를 다듬을 시간이 좀 필요해요. )

[Time stamps]
00:00 Preview
01:fifty eight Greetings + hairdressing dress
04:forty three Combing the tangles out of your hair
eleven:07 Making a handmade hair pack
17:07 Wet your hair with water spray
20:05 Hair dye gloves + Ear covers
22:30 Applying the hair pack to your moist hair
28:37 Placing your hair up and fix it with u-pins
30:fifty 9 Wrapping your hair with …

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