ASMR interior most attention roleplay doing all your makeup for valentine’s day with makeup manufacturers that don’t test on animals! Tingly face touching, brushing and tapping and more enjoyable sounds to attend you sleep and take a seat again out. Thanks for observing! Eda
#asmr #makeup #sleep
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00:00 Intro
1:Fifty six Crackling candle
3:50 Rare Beauty blush
7:12 Rare elegance highlighter
10:08 Primer stick
11:36 Making exercise of primer
15:00 Angel Veil primer
17:04 Massaging primer for your face
18:sixteen Brush nibbling/mouth sounds
18:48 Doing your eyebrows
20:43 KVD foundation bottle
22:24 Making exercise of foundation for your face
25:04 KVD contour palette
28:30 Brush, making exercise of contour
33:fifty five Aplying highlighter for your face
35:37 Getting something out of your stumble on
38:24 Mascara
Forty:Forty Fenty lipgloss
forty two:48 KVD lipstick
forty four:20 Setting spray

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