Greetings, females! Tainted hair days happen to the supreme of us. But with the back of our colorful DIY life hacks for ladies, no fight will end you from impressing others! Be taught to keep a holder for your hairdryer or keep a water-resistant spray for your make-up so it wouldn’t regain ruined on a moist day! Preserve tuned for additional DIY girly hacks, beauty hacks and extra!

zero:00 Lipstick As Shadow
1:Eleven Hairdryer Holder
1:Fifty nine Water Resistant Make-up
2:51 Unsuitable Freckles
three:51 Unseen Bra
Four:39 Scotch On Bracelet
5:27 Lips Pencil
6:36 Mascara Paper Hack
7:forty two Pin Curls
9:07 Hair Glitter

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