Visiting My Grandma in Korea w/ Jacopo + Fresh Skincare Routine | Aimee Tune

Visiting My Grandma in Korea w/ Jacopo + Fresh Skincare Routine | Aimee Tune

Jacopo and I headed to South Korea to take into fable my grandma and my second cousin! I repeatedly adore after I pick up the replace to cross aid to Korea, as or now no longer it is so crucial for me to employ time with my family, detect and taste the amazing food, and obviously, take into fable basically the latest in skincare. My unique favorites including Pretty Cosmetic Imprint (AHC) are all covered in my latest skincare routine with unique favorites popping out of my outing to Korea. Prepare alongside as I picture you some of my favourite unique products and locations in Korea.

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Prepare alongside as I rush the world with my family, chums, crew & boyfriend. From Fresh York to Paris, I might take you alongside on my journeys, and let what my Instagram existence really looks to be like within the aid of the scenes.

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