Natural Hair Summer Hair Style | Entrance Flat Twist + Gold Hair Cuffs Crown | Wash & Move

Right here is a easy competition impressed summer season model alongside with some hair and scalp care guidelines from me and the Head & Shoulders crew!
Thanks to Head & Shoulders for partnering on this video!

⇢ Products:

Head & Shoulder Medical Solutions Leave On Dandruff Medication

Eden Body Works Cowash

Jane Carter’s Curls To Move Leave-In

Jane Carter’s Curls To Move Gel

Cuffs + Pendant

⇢ Hair Coloration:
This a custom coloration job, created by a stylist at a salon, the spend of a good plan not on hand in beauty offer stores and which requires a legitimate cosmetology license to take hold of–no I conclude not know the title. It will not be recreated exactly and the coloration looks to be to be like utterly different on me every time she touches it up since she blends it up on the location and it changes shades every time I wash my hair.
Bleach became not aged. We receive been lifting my hair lighter and lighter over time the spend of developer (which will not be bleach) since October of 2015. I will not post a video on how one can coloration because I’m not a licensed cosmetologist and I will not give instructions on how one can spend chemicals that I conclude not receive a correct working out of. Whilst you would esteem abet with achieving this coloration, please search the advice of a LICENSED good who makes a speciality of pure hair because coloring will alter your hair and can hurt searching to your texture and the job.
Subsidized by Head & Shoulders

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