My AFRO tutorial (NO SHRINKAGE) | 4C Natural Hair

My AFRO tutorial (NO SHRINKAGE) | 4C Natural Hair

Hello guys! So at the current time I am showing you earn the very ideal Afro for 4c/4b/4a Natural hair. My hair in all fairness long and in truth to guarantee that you just more volume love my hair you’re going to must wade through these steps. Its a minute bootleg but my natural hair is all about me studying what works for me.

Merchandise Gentle on this video:

Herbal Essenses hello hydration conditioner
Herbal Essenses hello hydration shampoo
Wide tooth Comb
Ankara bonnet: @isokenenofe on instagram
Shea Butter (assorted scents too) : @simisolanaturals

S U B S C R I B E!
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