Keratin Therapy At House for Straight Relaxed Shiny Frizz Free Hair

Keratin Therapy At House for Straight Relaxed Shiny Frizz Free Hair

What all you wish for the therapy:
Keratin Therapy – I’m using Luxliss Keratin Therapy – a hundred ml quantity – mark 1800 inr. You are going to be in a living to exercise every other mark. There are Protein Kera, Keratek, DeFabulous and many others.
A pair of gloves
Utility Brush
Plastic bowl
Few bunches or clutcher or clips whatever u bask in
a tail comb
Blow dryer – 2000 watts
flat iron – celenium plate – with atleast 220 temp

Steps for doing Keratin Therapy at home:

1. Wash your hair with any clarifying shampoo. NO CONDITIONER.
2. Let your hair air dry – a hundred% dry.
3. Part your hair and apply the cream as i bask in shown in my final smoothing and straightening video. hyperlink is here
Four. Quilt ur hair with cling wrap.
5. Leave for Forty five mins for virgin hair and 30 mins for chemically handled hair.
6. All yet again sectioning ur hair Straight blow dry ur hair as shown in video. I finally bask in shown this in smoothening vidoe moreover.
7. All yet again part ur hair…shrimp part…and using urgent machine iron all the issues atleaast eight-9 times.
eight. Process COmpleted.

Dont wash ur hair for next 2 days you cant tie ur hair, no exercise of clips clutcher and many others. After 2 days wash your with any sulphate free shampoo only.

End result will final for 3- 5 months with appropriate care.

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