Folks I Need To Quit My Makeup

Folks I Need To Quit My Makeup

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I am Georgia Harris! I consume to focus on about makeup, everyday life, and other random things! On this video I am talking varied of us whom I would what to protect out my makeup for diverse events that aren’t going to occur. Makeup for your wedding, makeup for a device tell, makeup for the purple carpet, makeup for a halloween celebration, Makeup for a magazine quilt, Makeup for a creep tell, makeup for your funeral… That is kinda cherish a tag so in show for you to protect out this lope for it! πŸ™‚


◇ My Predominant Channel:
◇ The Half of Cousins Podcast
◇ Twitter: GeorgiaHarrisyo
◇ Instagram: georgiaharrisyo
◇ Camera: Canon EOS Rebellion T6i
◇ Editing: iMovie & Photoshop
◇ Song: 12 Days Of Christmas

🍑 Tag Questions 🍑

Transformations with James St. James

Makeup for your wedding -Mel Thompson

makeup for a device tell -Pat McGrath

makeup for the purple carpet – Troy Surrett

makeup for a halloween celebration -Lipstick Prick

Makeup for a magazine quilt -Raw Magnificence Kristi person/RawBeautyKristi

Makeup for a creep tell -Raven (she doesn’t genuinely dangle socials)

makeup for your funeral -Biohazardous Magnificence person/BiohazardousBeauty


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